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Join us to be a part of this valuable mission of transforming and supporting these communities!


Your contribution as a partner or sponsor is essential to generate a meaningful and sustainable impact on the Indigenous communities of the Amazon basin of Peru.


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Project Impact

Improved Quality of Life: Their support translates directly into access to basic resources and sustainable development programs. 

Environmental Sustainability: AMEAIK promotes sustainable practices that respect the natural environment and Amazonian biodiversity. 

Economic Empowerment: Through the improvement of the economic situation of indigenous people, promoting their leadership and autonomy.

Community Empowerment: Their contribution strengthens the capacity of indigenous communities to take control of their own development, encouraging active participation and local leadership in decision-making.

Cultural Preservation: AMEAIK works to preserve the Asháninka heritage of their unique traditions, language, crafts, and cultural practices.

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Your participation as a partner or sponsor is critical to the continued success of this project, driving change and improvement in the lives of indigenous communities in the Amazon basin of Peru.

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