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To date, the project has thrived due to the effort, vision, and tireless commitment of a dedicated team.


The dedication of each of the people of AMEAIK team has been the main driving force.


Judith Reymundo

Ameaik President

A woman who has inspired many women in the Peruvian Amazon to be future leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators. With a vision to change the reality of her people, Judith assumed the role of president and shaped the identity of AMEAIK, an indigenous community enterprise that not only sells products but also weaves networks of hope and opportunities.


Arlidania Santos

 Ameaik Secretary

Arlidania brings her experience as an educator with extensive skills in planning, collaboration, and leadership in dynamic environments. Her work involves maintaining smooth and efficient communication within the organization, as well as documenting and managing administrative processes.

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Vilma Quintuquari

Ameaik Vice President

She works in coordination with her president to empower women entrepreneurs from Asháninka communities and end poverty. Her commitment and leadership complement Judith's vision, inspiring many women in the Amazon.

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Grecia Nayeli Intiyaya

Ameaik Coordinating Partner

Grecia is a tireless entrepreneur with a passion for the sustainable use of forests in the San Juan de Dios community. From an early age, she has dedicated herself to learning about the region's plants and natural resources, always looking for innovative ways to use them responsibly and profitably.

Nica Peréz.jpeg

Nica Peréz

Ameaik Treasurer

Nica is responsible for managing the economic income of AMEAIK with diligence and transparency. Her commitment ensures that resources are used effectively to support projects and initiatives that promote the development of Asháninka communities. Her dedication and attention to detail are essential to guarantee the financial sustainability of the organization.

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Cony Pamela Ochavano

Ameaik Coordinating Partner

Cony is a born leader with a clear focus on the future of bioentrepreneurship in the San Juan de Dios community. Passionate about caring for the environment and the well-being of her community, Cony has dedicated herself to promoting sustainable and ethical business practices. 


An Empowered Woman Empowers Families 

Empowered Families Empower Communities 

Empowered Communities Empower Nations 

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